Safety in jelqing

Aaron Kemmer, the author of the book for the performance of the penis, the men perform jelqing program to increase his sexual organs is the risk of injury, but due to the lack of important information.

"Men are the details for jelqing usual message boards and such, it is full steam ahead. Often the information is wrong, and men and try to do too much too quickly," said Kemmer. One of the reasons that the military initially said the penis is not just confusion about the penis and jelqing exercise, but only in training exercises that are safe and effective. "

He adds that a large penis does not happen overnight, and it requires a variety of exercises for more than one cm. Central to these routines, Kemmer said, it is easy to use jelq is often incorrect. The jelq is the first year, the United States, most people increase penis. When done correctly, the penis jelq a healthier and more difficult - very difficult. But it is easy to be so wrong and exaggerated. It is important to slow down.

Our readers, who can start a routine jelqing, Kemmer, who talk about sex education at the University of South Florida, was kindly provided one of the key jelqing routines books.

1. Warmin Up!

You want to start heating jelqing. Do what you do not like at this point. Exercise is a veteran, says: “Preliminary heating is very similar. If you take time to ensure that the desired results fast time.” Heating is the application of heat to the penis is about five minutes. There are different ways of heating. The most common forms include:

1. If a heating pad and warm up around your penis.
2. By using a metal strip that is washed in warm water to dive and bring it to your penis.
3. Take a hot shower and hot water directly to the penis.

2. Use Lubrication, dont use soap!

After heating, lather your penis with lubrication. Lubrication really jelq your penis. The most common lubricants are baby oil and vaseline.

3. This is the right level of erection work

When Lube your penis, it is time for your blood stream. We do not want an erection, the penis, but it would be somewhere between 50 and 75 percent erect. In other words, you want the penis for semi-trailers tumescent (between the half-light and semi-trailers, hard).
Do what you jelq with a full erection, how dangerous!

4. How to grip your member?

On one hand, use your thumb and forefinger is a good grip (if done correctly, it seems that someone is “OK” symbol). Place the paste in your jelqing based penis. It would be that the press so close to pubic bone as humanly possible.

5. What to do?

When you deal with the place, press and move it gently to the penis. Pressure has been light, but well-used tissues of the penis. Do not forget to turn off the jelq front of the head, you penis (not jelq head). Each jelq should be two to three seconds.

6. Start!

When you make a jelq, the other side and repeat the process. If you want to change the owner of each jelq rep until the desired number of representatives. For the first few weeks, up to 150 jelqs Friday workout.

7. Remember about safety!

When you jelq down, you have to do regularly supplied a great cause. It is not every day jelq - especially at first. A penis best exercise said, “the penis is a time to rest and sleep to recover from training. If the penis is not enough rest, jelqing then stops and starts to become a dangerous voice.” Other forms can be sure that physical exercise to stay healthy include:

* When heating.
* Be gentle with the grip and intensity.
* Never jelq full-blown with an erection.
* Do not jelq your head penis.

To learn more about jelqing safe and effective, and 30 other pictures penis exercises and workout routines is a step a step in the book Kemmer, his penis.